Turuxi in English


In 2002, a small group of Linux users from Turku begun to meet each other occasionally and informally. In the April of 2003, on the 23. to be exact, VSTKY organised a theme evening of Open Source. In the discussions that went on after this event, it became clear that there was a need for a more organised local user group.

Linux-Aktivaattori promptly invited all interested local Linux users to a meeting to discuss the matter. In this meeting, on 12th of May, it was decided that the group would work as a subproject of Linux-Aktivaattori, at least in the beginning. The group grew and activated so rapidly that already in the third meeting, on 26th of June, the project form was found to be too restricted and the group was transformed into a working group. As a working group, a leader, Tero Kuusela, was elected to direct the group’s activities. In their meeting on 28th of August, after a discussion on the mailing list, the group chose a logo and the name Turuxi.

Currently, there are about 50 people more or less actively involved.


The goal of our group is to advance the usage of Linux and other Free/Open Source Software (FLOSS) in the general area of Turku. We include systems that use open source only partially, like MacOS X.

We organise monthly meetings in Turku and our main event, Avoimien ohjelmien päivä (Open Software Day). The first main event, by a different name Aguri, was held on 2003. After that, AOP has been a yearly event.

Inquiries and joining

If you would like to get more information, send an email to our leader at petri.salmela (at) linux-aktivaattori.fi.


We organise monthly gatherings. The gatherings might have a presentation, but that has not been the case lately and we have mostly sat around the table and discussed of various topics instead.