Turuxi-tapaaminen 19.11.2004

Aika, paikka ja osanottajat

  • Pvm: 19.11.2004
  • Klo: 19.15-20.30
  • Sijainti: Palatsi
  • Osallistujat [6]
    • Aschwin van der Woude
    • Nathan Letwory


Esitys: Uusi Blender ominaisuudet

Esittäjä: Nathan Letwory

Nathan explained and showed some of the new features of the upcoming Blender release, schedules for the week after. Among others he showed features that made it easier to model 3D objects with Blender, like operations on multiple faces, undo/redo and so on. While he could have spent a lot more time showing blender, we did get a good impression of its capabilities and cool features. Besides the loud testing noises made it more difficult to listen to his explanations, which was a strong cue to end the demonstrations.

Ongelmatunti ja käyty keskustelu

Due to equipment testing for a concert later on the evening, this topic was cut short but there didn’t seem to be any questions.