Turuxi-tapaaminen 21.01.2005

Aika, paikka ja osanottajat

  • Pvm: 21.01.2005
  • Klo: 17:15-18:40
  • Sijainti: Ravintola Panini
  • Osallistujat
    • Aschwin van der Woude
    • Minna Kuusela (left early)
    • Petri Salmela
    • Sakari Salo
    • Pinja Koskinen
    • Vesa Simola
    • Elias Aarnio (came later)


  • AOP

Petri introduced AOP and explained what has been done. Aschwin also asked who would we willing to help. Vesa explained he might be able to help with computers and network equipment. Aschwin asked him to contact Tero about it.

Esitys: [Cancelled due to flu]

Instead of the presentation we had a round-table discussion about what sort of desktop everybody uses and which software. This turned out to be an interesting discussion as two are using Mac OS X, and Pinja had her Macintosh Laptop with her. Others used Gnome (Aschwin), IceWM (Sakari) and KDE (). Both Sakari and Elias had their IBM laptops with them.

As Elias was late, and didn’t hear Petri’s explaination, we talked a bit more about AOP during the topic-discussion. It quickly became clear he had specific questions about sponsorship, and Petri nor Aschwin could help him with his questions, so we agreed he would contact Tero about it.

Ongelmatunti ja käyty keskustelu

Elias brought up the problematic installation of Soikko. Sakari said he hasn’t had any serious problems, apparently Debian has packages which are easily installable. Nevertheless, when upgrading OpenOffice it does require a reinstallation of Soikko. But under SuSe, when using Finnish localisation, OpenOffice causes tough problems. Sakari and Elias discussed the problem without a real solution.