Meeting minutes 12 May 2003

Start: 18:15 End: 21:00 Location: Ankkurikylänkatu 10 A 16


  • Tero Kuusela
  • Eija Onnela
  • Tuomas Vesterinen
  • Maria Pinjainen
  • Petri Salmela
  • Anders Biström
  • Raimo Koski
  • Aschwin van der Woude (chairing, minutes)


Everybody introduced themselves.

  • Tero is starting his own company providing Linux training services, and is also involved with Linux-Aktivaattori
  • Eija Onnela works for the city of Turku as a project-manager, and has been involved with Linux for 1.5 years. She doesn’t know the technical details, but knows about what happens in the Turku government concerning Linux.
  • Tuomas Vesterinen is a programmer interested in learning more about Linux. He met Maria at the flug-turku mailing-list.
  • Maria Pinjainen is not an information technology professional but wife of a nerd. That’s how she started using Linux. And she likes the ideas behind the Open Source ideology
  • Petri Salmela is a mathematics student, graduated last autumn but continuing his studies. Linux is a daily tool and a hobby for him, and he has been using it for a few years. He even uses it as a television, dvd-player etc.
  • Anders Biström, a long time Linux user, started with one of the first Slackware releases, currently mostly using SuSe, but also others. Working for a new media company startup, he uses Linux, and influences technology decisions. Because of this, some other people have started using Linux. Besides his current day job, he is also starting his own company focused on software and services (maintenaince and support). He is currently an administrator for various clients.
  • Raimo Koski is a writer of many Finnish books on Linux. He is also starting a company focusing on Linux software (Spectra linux like), he is also involved with OpenOffice.


Aschwin explained he initiated this meeting, because after the presentation organised by VSTKY and given by Eija a few weeks ago, she indicated Linux activities are missing in Turku. Eija would like to see Usenix-like activities in Turku.

How to organize this initiative

Three proposals were made to organize the official parts of these efforts:

  • expand the efforts of Flug-Turku
  • become a project under the Linux-Aktivaattori header
  • start a new non-profit organisation

It was decided to use the services Linux-Aktivaattori provides, and if needed start a new non-profit organisation later on if more independence is seen as needed. FLUG will be contacted by Eija to inform them of our efforts, and see what kind of cooperation might be possible, like linking to the mailinglist and website.


Advance use of Linux and Free and Open Source Software in general in the area of Turku. This includes systems like MacOS X and other hybrid Open Source/proprietary systems.

Current ideas and wishes

  • web pages

Linux-Aktivaattori.org can be used for now.

  • mailing-list

A new list called ’turkuuse’ will be created to facilitate communication.

  • Install-fest
  • Whom to cooperate with

Contacting people with similar efforts in other cities.

  • Linux Demo Day
  • Education

“Linux for geeks” is seen as a fair start

  • Bazaar/conference

Conferences for companies only, but also for the general public.

  • Social aspect, regular meetings with a less technical focus
    • Which restaurants/bars are using Linux?


  • What to achieve this year?
    • One install-fest
    • Linux demo-day (November)

Depending on available recources this might be combined with the install-fest

  • Regular meetings (starting this month)

Next meeting

Meeting will be hosted by Eija at tietotekniikkapalvelut, 28 May, 16:00.


  • Aschwin
    • create mailinglist (turkuuse)
    • Everybody gets a username at Linux-Aktivaattori website
    • subscribe to relevant LA lists
  • Tero
    • will contact tuug
  • Eija
    • contact FLUG board and indicate our intent, discuss cooperation and the future of the flug-turku list.
  • Raimo
    • updates his website and links to group website