Turku user group meeting minutes 26 June 2003

Start: 17:10 End: 19:00 Location: Palatsi


  • Petri Salmela
  • Tero Kuusela
  • Minna Kiertokari
  • Aschwin van der Woude (chairing, minutes)
  • Wolf Bergenheim
  • Eija Onnela
  • Anders Biström
  • Petri Lahti
  • Marija Pinjainen
  • Marko Grönroos
  • Simon Eklund
  • Ville Lehtinen
  • Tuomas Vesterinen
  • Jukka Palkko


The minutes for the last meeting were accepted.

Working group proposal

During last board meeting is was proposed to form a working group out of the Turku User group, with a representative. This representative is responsible for minutes and reporting to the board. This proposal was accepted. Tero offered to become the representative of this group and was accepted.


Some of the people who had said they would investigate possible locations were not present in this meeting. During the summer, it is unlikely a location can be negotiated.

Wolf explained there are good opportunities to get a location from Åbo Akademi. Eija proposed to use Palatsi. In exchange for maintaining the Linux terminal server in use by Palatsi, we would be allowed to use a meeting-room every Thursday. This proposal needs to be negotiated with Pasi Lyysari when he returns from his vacation in August. Palatsi has the right facilities, including internet access, and is centrally located.

Aschwin pushes for a more imaginative name than TLUG. Coming up with a name would require a proper brainstorming session. This will take place during the next meeting.

Wolf showed some ideas for a logo, where Tux was sitting in the courtyard of the Turku castle. Other ideas included stamping the Turku ‘Å’ symbol on Tux’ belly and a logo showing Tux on the balcony of the Turku ‘raatihuone’ reading the GPL. This ‘raatihuone’ is traditionally used at Christmas, an event televised over the whole of Finland and widely in Europe. It was also suggested to use Turku blue in the logo.

Wolf and Simon will propose several logo ideas. When a logo idea has been decided, a graphics designer needs to be found to work out the details and create a real logo from the idea.

Website ideas

The website will be at least in Finnish and Swedish and contain the following:

  • Map of location
  • List of important dates
  • How to join
  • Mailing lists
  • Contact info
  • Info about activities, like presentations, gatherings and such
  • Page of achievements


Marketing the existence of the Turku user group through media, like Turku TV, local newspapers and local radio stations is considered a non-issue. By the end of August or beginning of September these efforts could be started, given we have everything properly organised.

Other channels that could be used are the universities, labour unions like VSTKY, and perhaps target people working in Data City and similar facilities.

Presentation for next gathering

  • Internationalisation/localisation in Linux (gettext and such) by Marko Grönroos
  • Localisation. It will be tried to get a language spaecialist to speak for us. (Ask Nathan for someone)

Other subjects

  • Alternatives to get funding were discussed.
  • OpenOffice conference was discussed.
  • Linux-blondit want to learn ‘C’ language. It has been suggested to add an e-learning package on the website. Wolf will research some e-learning packages and Nathan has been looking into these as well.
  • Demo cd in libraries was proposed


  • Wolf and Simon create/visualise some logo-ideas